CR_fraserJean Grandville


Feb 2017: We are embarking on two major, new field/modelling projects as part of the NERC Changing Arctic Ocean initiative: Arctic PRIZE, tracing the effects of sea-ice loss from mixing and nutrients up through phytoplankton dynamics to food-web impacts; and DIAPOD, a pan-Arctic synthesis and new experiments on the response of Calanus copepods to Arctic change.

Oct 2016: New paper in Front. Mar. Res. rolling out the Coltrane copepod model and showing initial results for Disko Bay, the Bering Sea, and the Northeast Pacific. (Would you like a PhD studentship to work on adapting this model to krill and the Antarctic?)

Oct 2016: New paper in Mar. Ecol. Prog. Ser.: “Traits controlling body size in copepods: Separating general constraints from species-specific strategies,” with Bob Campbell.

Oct 2016: Announcing a new NOAA ecoforecasting project, “MERHAB: An early warning system for Pseudo-nitzschia harmful algal blooms on US Pacific Northwest beaches.”

Aug 2016: Congratulations to Laura Hobbs (who just joined us as a postdoc) on being named University of the Highlands and Islands Postgraduate Student of the Year, for her thesis on vertical migration in Arctic zooplankton!

Jun 2016: Welcome to PhD students Soizic Garnier and Thai Hoa Nguyen, working on physical and biogeochemical modelling of US Pacific Northwest fjords and Scottish sea lochs.