Connectivity among rivers and subbasins of Puget Sound

Compared with most large, temperate estuaries, the biogeochemistry of Puget Sound is highly marine dominated: 70% of dissolved nutrients come from the Pacific. Nevertheless, there’s significant policy and management interest in understanding watershed contributions of environmental stressors, e.g. nutrient loading in relation to hypoxia, and pathogen and pollutant impacts on commercial, recreational, and tribal shellfish … Read more

Rain and Flow (Blindfold Gallery, 2012)

The Blindfold Gallery (Seattle) showed a selection of work from the Pond and Rain series in spring 2012. Most pieces from the show are in this flickr gallery. My artist statement is below, and I expanded on some of it in this interview with SeattleArtBloc. Artist Statement I’m an oceanographer. I work with computer models … Read more