Eco/health seafood pocket guide, 2009

This is a synthesis and redesign of seafood recommendations from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch, which focus on sustainability, warnings about toxins (mercury and PCBs) from the Environmental Defense Fund, and some ancillary info from

There's a lot of uncertainty in this type of information, and lots of complexity that any pocket guide omits. I had to make some judgement calls and approximations too. So see the sites above (also FishWatch from the National Marine Fisheries Service) for more information. (I'm an oceanographer, but I only eat fish, I don't actually study them).

Also, be aware that this kind of info does change over time. Fisheries decline, fisheries recover, the climate changes, massive oil spills happen. I haven't re-evaluated this info since 2009--if you find significant changes that should be included in the next version, email me!

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