Lab group

Dr Laura Hobbs, postdoc, Strathclyde/SAMS. Laura is using acoustic observations of vertical migration in high-latitude zooplankton to link foraging behaviour to the light field (via prey and predation), with the goal of improving large-scale models like Coltrane.

Dr Sofia Ferreira, postdoc, UW Oceanography/Strathclyde. Sofia is using a combination of satellite analyses and new models to look at drivers of copepod community dynamics across a broad swath of the Northeast Pacific.

Soizic Garnier, PhD student, Strathclyde Maths and Stats. Soizic is developing a new, mid-complexity hydrodynamic model for fjords and sea lochs, with application to long-term change in Puget Sound, USA and elsewhere.

Thai Hoa Nguyen, PhD student, Strathclyde Maths and Stats. Thai Hoa is working on a family of biogeochemical models for fjords and sea lochs, starting with the carbon chemistry of Loch Sween, Scotland.

Trevor Sloughter, PhD student, Strathclyde Maths and Stats. Trevor is modelling seasonal variation in phytoplankton light sensitivity from a life-history perspective, following up on some intriguing observations and model results from the Bering Sea.

Hally Stone, MS/PhD student, UW Oceanography. For her masters Hally is using a detailed hindcast model to examine the drivers of interannual variability in Pacific Northwest shelf waters.